all alone with nothing to do​.​.​.

by Darling Freakhead

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First legitimate CD pressing for Darling Freakhead. This is a compilation of works from 1987 to 1997


released October 5, 1998

All songs written, performed and recorded by Darling Freakhead except where indicated.



all rights reserved
Track Name: This is what it might be like to come close to homelessness
This is what it might be like to come close to homelessness.

...and with the beginning shall I include the predetermined assumption of JAHAMBA as related in connection to the essence of the 11 hour song.

Why does it always have to happen to me.

different people knowing it but then they leave it alone and let me die. Fuckers.

Come to the big trail back behind.
One time leave it alone.

in a twitch entirely worthless but come round to the father and say woah

And with the city that is blind.

“To time a word spoken, rice of God and let the parade of crazed homeless spanning the city coming together as a gang to take.”

The homeless will once again bring sticks and guns to their parade 

and yell and scream for freedom 

Knowing any day it will be too cold and they will catch pneumonia and die

“The homeless will give into the sheets of oblivion and”
They can’t live in my house no more!
but I still respect them for who they are.

Homeless people are!

“Homeless people are cool sometimes, they ask for money a lot, or are drunk, or have had a horrible upbringing”

But what about...

Passing out refreshments in a country club,
browsing down a subway filled with toilet love.

Smell the wierding way that likes to bring us up to that place we know as Piss.

“You see it’s the bathroom of where I stay at right now, sort of makes me feel real homeless it’s got this horrible piss smell to it”

With the parting lips I can and will not ever be made to give and receive a kiss.

Go up to the trash with endless counts of aluminum cans, yeah.

when I was going to tell you about my

you were going to send me to that
(I am in hell)

Get me to a fucking hospital
let me go to the store, oh shit.
I can’t fucking handle this
This is what it might be like,
to come close to homelessness.

Come with Jahamba back in time,
the 11 HOUR SONG needs to know.
In a twitch entirely worthless but come round to the father and say woah.
Track Name: you are satan(previously dave)
You are Satan. (Previously Dave)

My name is David,
and I will show them.
I hate the Devil,
and I write poems.

Like this one...check it out:
“as the circumference of an orange displays congenial activity, I walk half naked as if my intrepid existence should be related to its juices. And when I find the entrance to my soul, I shall walk in and pick the seeds out”

(the date was march 3rd, 1988 and now the explanation shall commence)

I will rape you David, for my lord and master Satan has told me to destroy your innocent ass in order to complete the ritual so that my sacrificial offering will be complete.

In the van of hell, confused by a drug
Rode you round your soul and left you alone
Toy for Satan’s fun and still on the track
Rape your lovely butt then stab in the back

(I need drugs now, in my veins)

“you see Dave, when I took you out to Irvine that night, I meant every bit of it. When you accused me of working for Lucifer, you were right. It’s not just me though, it’s everyone, and we planned that night four months and since then, you have been ours, which means that you are...

Track Name: killing the gnats
Killing the Gnats.

Sorry I’m so extremely stupid.
Killing the gnats, letting them know
I am a Murderer, setting a show
Understanding why, will not free my
birds ’til I go
I suppose I like it, why?
Killing the fools.
Understand, I killed 13, 13 gnats
on my wall.
Killing the gnats, on my back wall
killing the trash cans, leading control
control of them, I’m talking bout gnats
in my bedroom, in the trash can.
Under the sink corner.
Who’ll see my content...

“You know I was looking at those gnats over there, I was wondering why those gnats had come around me that one time, I really didn’t understand what they were talking about and stuff but you know, I could see that they were totally trying to manipulate my scene, you know they were trying to get into my room, take over, they were probably trying to unleash some sort of deadly fucking manipulation that would go from the gnats brain, make me come over to that wall try to hit them, when in turn I will destroy the light. When I was looking at those gnats over there, I knew they were trying to like manipulate my brain. but then , I knew what was happening
because I’m fully hip to their game. And I’m fully hip to their scene, I know what the gnats are all about, that’s why I just told you, I killed 13.

Killing the gnats, letting them know
I am a Murderer, setting a show
I killed the gnats, murdering
smashing them with my palm.
I killed the gnats.

You’d kill’em too man, you’re a full gnat murderer.
Track Name: coffee is a drug
Coffee is a Drug.

I said my name’s in trouble and then I said no.
No, I won’t let it get in the way but it’s not fair,
I live with it every single fucking day, it wants me

It’s gone habits of fun
It’s now having its fun
It starts trying to find
needing and making me blind

Brown is the one kind that I see
sugar to the cup, adding cream
destroy the love that we could be
everyone sit and drink coffee

I, want to meet you
there, under the cafe and
we, could have a place to go
pounding fucking caffeine and

wait, cause a calm barrista don’t
care and it really, really matters
but life is worth a bit so let’s
share, now give it to me now I said

“You see, coffee fucks up your brain big time man, not to mention your nervous system. And it’s all stressful and shit making me want to kill people like real quick. Like I mean, I don’t mind homosexuals I think they’re real cool and all, but coffee or any other form of caffeine makes me fucking flip out real hard and makes me want to ram big metal objects into my fucking upper back muscles!!!

Let’s go out in the sun
shove my mouth full of mud
tell me bout that guy named Joe
drink and then I’ll say so

All the water is steaming and
the sights are finally relieving me,
destroy the one that needs, I mean
all my life is worn from me

“How many cans a day does a junkie bum need to get his fix? O.K., let’s say it’s about 90 cents for a pound of cans, 28 cans makes a pound. 20 dollars is about the average cost for a junkie to get high, so that means that they would need to have um, let me see here, I’d say around 23 pounds of cans. O.K., so 23 x 28 (there’s 28 cans in a .lb.) would come to 644 cans. A junkie shopping cart person would need 644 cans to get their fix, and they’d still have 70 cents left over for a coke or something”

“I know, I’ll drink a bunch of coffee and then run around the track for a while.”
Track Name: you decide
You Decide.

Ah, tradition, the flags have given sweet infliction
of a phony existence, its colors only bleed resistance.
Red! - it only tells but what can a person do if they can’t see their ass from their
head - I never really let that kind of stuff ever come near me until I was
wrong - something that you can look up to when you’re down but then it’s gone
gone - still seems kind’a nice though, it stands for power and greed and I can kill!!!

the unborn babies soul!
and feed it to your
public - the ones that run your
country - you sell your innocent
children - to capitalist corporations
you decide

you are a girl, I am a guy
let’s get together and um...
have a good time
I can’t believe it’s really not there
what did you do with all of your hair?

O.K. let’s go back to talking about flags now.

Dead! - They always lie but
how can a system run if
it can’t be dependent and
fed - if you can’t see it then
you’ll be victim to it and
stay there until you must
fight - something that you
think is black but when you
look again it’s white
White - still seems kind’a nice
though, I can be lazy
and watch things go for

Cash!!! - my only Mother’s
Paycheck - the one that runs your
country - you sell your innocent
children - to capitalist
corporations - you decide

go to work and then I must
want to come home to the
couch and sit

haven’t got the time
on another’s dime
wack my bloody clock and then
go to bed

need to buy some clothes
so the people know
I fit in

wonder what they’ll say if I
want to take a cane
give myself tome pain
with my friend

T.V.s got to go
makes you want to act like them
sickening thieves

buy yourself some food from the
nicest place in the
street and love the ones that can’t
make you see

its time to boycott the
ones that will not think about
Hating greed

This is not your own
flags will come and go to the
people can not say that they’re
you or me
“The burning of a flag is an act of arrogance and is a childish attempt at control and is just as bad as someone who takes violent actions to try and stop it, an action equally as immature and greedy.”

leave the flags alone
and do whatever you want with them

with your little trip I can’t
live my life freaky
like in brain

won’t you come with me
we can be so free and gone
make a flag our
own disdain

live your life instead
go to work and go to bed
All in brain!!!

B-----s flag won’t let me in
why they have to be so pop
and not have
Time to speak

Went up to them many times
and gave them tape but
they’re just
Too Busy

Just want to go out and
have some coffee and talk
E--- D-----

Super cool B----- knows
too many people already so
they can’t
Be my friend.

all I want to do is sit
around and talk about that
guy who’s name is
Track Name: sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I Wonder.

“The annihilation of all the rabbits of this planet would (Through a proven study in laboratories) create a chain reaction that would lead to world peace.”

“Through the genocidal execution of rabbits, we could live in a more meaningful existence. The rabbits are no good anyway. They don’t provide anything for us”

“I say we should begin peace on earth now, and band together to destroy the rabbits as to achieve peace forever, Now is the time to come together”

“Once a land will be disclosed, one will know peace. And when that time inevitably and soon eradicates some certain amount of judgement and reason to risk all the rabbits being slaughtered to construct a new world”
Track Name: capitalize on weakness
Capitalize on Weakness.

What their lives have always said
and what a man does ’til he’s dead is
trying to conceive his rent to
live and breathe and walk among

the sickest, breeding, utterly disgusting wealth
that only we can know until its gone
that's why we can and never will be wrong
but living will persuade us

take from me and take from you
until there’s nothing we can do
and give me some and give to you

bury ourselves in sickening commradity!!
shoveling dirt and smothering our society
fucking ourselves with our little small talk plans
doing exactly what’s been done to feed this land

give me that and that one too
until I’ll never see it through
and take from me and take to you

getting head Forever to deny my past
of sitting on a couch and always looking for some cash.
And drowning in a pool I live and constantly suffocate.
watch another while I fucking masturbate.

everybody knows it’s just a scene but
can’t we all just quit our feeding
rear our head out of the cunt
and take a look at what goes on
and stop the things that we don’t want
the things that waste and truly long
to drown you!
Track Name: I don't know what to do
I Don’t Know What To Do.

you hold your little hand out, until it can be fed
and never think about the things you want to do instead
gimm’e this to picture all the ways to understand
bunch of different ways to be, I can not understand

should I do my thing and be all poverty stricken
the question that is hardest makes me make a thousand plans
give up this society quit working for the man
bunch of different ways to be, I can not understand

quit it, I don’t want it from you!
leave it, I don’t know what to do!
I don’t want to work for you
I just want to work with you

need a job so I survive
need some space to live my life
what’s the use to work for another
I don’t want to live with my mother
wrong! lies
dying the mattress is on the floor

“I will play whatever the fuck I want, regardless of what anybody thinks, fuck being cool. I ain’t’ gonna’ follow no pop scene, ain’t’ gonna’ cater to no punk or beautiful girl. I’m not gonna’ chase some cool new trend. I ain’t’ gonna’ cater to no one... but you.”

with a thing I have in mind
I’ll never get another cent
guess I’ll have to pay a price
for something doesn’t seem correct
lying wrong
death what do I do?

“actually, I do work for you, we all work for each other, right? I make your food so you can eat. You fix my car. Some dude, makes a million dollars serving factory built burgers that all taste exactly the same, some other fucker sells some kind of weird money making system and we all just coincide like brainless zombies who go to the thing that looks the most powerful, maybe thinking that if we feed that power, we might become closer to it and actually get a little of our own, only problem is, is that we don’t, I know let’s feed the biggest thing, forget about the small, little ones, the dying and struggling. Forget about evening it out for all of us. No, let’s just give all we have to the ones that have the most already, just because they have the money to make themselves look better. No, let’s not try that, we don’t know if it’s good or not Let’s not do anything different, because we may not like it, and that would make us mad from breaking our lazy mindless habits, let’s just go with what’s easy, and what’s easy is to go with the most powerful after all, they must know what they’re doing considering they have so much.”
From screwing you and
From fucking your ass raw.

Quit it! I don’t want it from you.
Leave it! but then what’ll I have to do
I don’t want to work for you
I just want to work with you.
Track Name: I will never eat
I Will Never Eat.

Can’t figure out the picture
and will never see the reasons why.
Never stopping until it’s over
Over, meaning no more lies.
Trying to find the reasons why
and going a lot around the block
Knowing why I can’t find her
because her name will
and walls decide
reading that all soon
tedious pleasure game
reaching will become

“I was sitting through my window, I was looking through the books,I was understanding the reasons why, I was knowing that my name was lovks. I was trying to figure out my time that I had spent with him, I knew that I had wondered why it would be me, why do I have to say”

If there’s one thing I can’t stand
the thing I hate
I hate shoving a pencil through my hand
so I will then
stab it in my hand
pencils through my hand
I hate stabbing the pencils in my hands
so I will then
stab them through my hands
pencils in my hands
Now can you agree with that veracious illustration?
If there’s one thing I always want
the thing I need
I need food so that I can always eat
so I will then
Starve and never eat.
I can never eat.
I want food to be there so I can eat
so I will then
Starve and never eat.
I will never eat.

“You know sometimes when I’m lookin’’ at myself I’m wondering why, I’m understanding, I’m knowing that the friends of mine have come round, they’ve told me what the things I’ve said, they know that the things when I will feel and what I can stand You know that the time is reasons You know that the reasons and the time and the time is why, I know that it’s knowing, I know that the guy who is now growing and looking into my bedroom rowne I’m trying to understand the rowne, I’m looking at the man

I’m trying to understand the man,
I’m looking at the rowne!
Track Name: Hooker

When I sat by the fan, I sat by the...
insignificant little piece of trend in the face of the


“you see hookers are kind of like doing their thing, I guess they enjoy the fast life style, even though some of them don’t like it and form support groups to...”

keep it all together
give the support to ones that feel like you
try to all persuade it
give the support to form a militia
that feels like you

And I sat there in fear, knowing that

Popular people always rule in the
scene so make your own and boycott them real
good. Yeah!

“See what I’m saying, is to ignore the popular scene instead of trying to join them or feeling like your lost or not good enough cause your not part of their scene, make your own and make it real intense, crazy, like me, in brain”

you see I am crazy
boycotting man in brain
you see I ain’t no
label come close to know
you see I ain’t no
label come close to know
particular scene

boycott the popular people
make your own scene instead
and then you will become popular
Do you understand what I just said?

Do you understand now what I just
had now said?
Do you understand now what I just
had now and then I had said
Do you understand what I had and
just now then but I had just and
now had then said.

“oh, and when I pick the locks of Society maybe I’ll find another big time sketchhead to freak hard in brain, and maybe I’ll try hard not to wander down your Fucking Judgement Hell, and Maybe I’ll just flip wherever I go, you wanna’ come along? Cause I’m a nice guy, ya know and I’ll be know...when I’m flippin’’ brain

insignificant little piece of trend in the face of the

(hooker, meaning prostitute)
which come in many forms, one being

people who only hang with
those who have high status.
Track Name: same as the others
Same As The Others.

and my life’s a bit too high
willing to try
something I’d never do...again

but you gave me reasons why
happy to oblige
in loving you... the end
Time still locks me behind

Will you be the same as all the others?

Time still locks me behind
those past lies
have made me skeptical

all lies, from the same gender
as you my dear
it’s so hard, and I fear
You’ll probably end out to be the same

Will you be the same as all the others?

and I’ve tried so many times
gave my trust and got robbed blind
too many times before

can you understand why
I have to say goodbye
to something not known for sure
so try and talk me out of hell
Track Name: I can't keep a job in the day
I Can’t Keep a Job in The Day.

Freaky people all around me
got to get to somewhere away
can not be suppressed by their boundaries
think I’ll just forget about day

I can not handle the day
it just can never be that way
must stay up an contemplate night
get the fuck outta’ my sight

you know that you said you were
gonna’ give me some slack (food)
you know that you said you were
gonna’ get off my back (get in the mood)
you know that you may have not
wanted to instead but
you know that you cannot and even
try to think and know what I had just said

the sky and ground all around me
no big time scene that gets in the way
in my bed I’ll soon be finding
sunlight’s gonna’ make me pay

I can’t keep a job in the day
everything is ending with A
little piece of something is mine
darkness is so loving and kind
Track Name: Cops should bust only thieves and violent offenders, everything else should be legal (hateful fantasies)
Cops Should Bust Only Thieves and violent offenders, everything else should be legal.
(Hateful Fantasies)

People who rape should be killed
(only after a trial and proven evidence of course)
I hate people who are rapists and
they should be beaten and then killed immediately
Muggers and domestic violence offenders should be beaten up severely every time they are caught Anybody that abuses kids should be beaten up
regularly for a set period of time
Anyone who sexually abuses children should have their genitalS removed
in a painful manner
Vigilantes should go to jail and possibly
killed or beaten depending on the case
All murderers who are proven guilty
should be killed immediately regardless
if the murder was in or out of jail
Any police officers that are caught using excessive force should be beaten and put in jail (with the exception of dealing with a person on PCP or a real big guy who wants to hurt them real bad)
All guns, period should be outlawed and
strictly enforced.
People who hunt animals with guns should be put in jail
Thieves, burglars and robbers should be beaten up and then put in jail.
Arsonists should have everything they own taken away from them and then serve their jail sentences without any possessions.
All people in jail except for arsonists should be made to listen to self-motivational and educational tapes and videos everyday.
Drunk drivers that get in an accident and kill somebody should receive death
(we’ll pass on the beating for this one).
People who ignore or interrupt me should be beaten and then killed
(I’m kidding).
People who flake on me should be beaten then killed
(I guess I’m kidding).
Males between the age of 25 and 36 with medium brown hair and blue eyes should be killed. Actually I should be killed for writing this song.
Anybody who steals my ADAT should be strapped to a chair and fully tortured starting with the eyes and then involving some sort of picking and ripping of the flesh
(I suppose I’m kidding).
Actually, we should all just go
to happy land and take lots of LSD, Mushrooms and Marijuana. Eat Broccolli all the time, make sure it always stays down and dust and dust pet cows, share their grain and sit in the lotus position at least 20 min. a day.
Forget about the CIA, Cocaine and poorly written pop songs that continuously repeat flooding radio airwaves. You think we could do that?
I love vegetables very much and will be talking about them regularly starting now.