Track Name: the hands of hope
The hands of hope

See the man, gonna walk on his hands without hope
I'm not playing your game
Track Name: and I know this song will be gone
and I know this song will be gone

and this song I know will be gone
Track Name: mediocrity rules
Mediocrity Rules!

It's not about me
Mediocracy rules
It's not gonna kill me
and it wont kill me
I don't want to kill me
It's not gonna
You see, it want's to get hold of me
it want's to take control of my life
and now I'll let it
You have me now
I Let you in
you'll be my friend for life
Medicority rules
You win
I let you in
now we're friends
for life
Track Name: high grade and luck
High grade and luck (Heavy Metal)

where did you go, where did you find me
yeah, where it'd go
in the light of your heart
(I can't wait til I'm 76)
In the silence of the forest
I was sitting by the trees
reading my newspaper
with bees
and I saw that little Maiden
right over by my house
The elves are calmly waiting
in my life
and the walls are way too loud
and the wizard waits there
all the way I look inside
debating gods
High grade Heavy Metal
Luck Heavy Metal
I'm not playing your game
Track Name: I just took a hit of acid
I just took a hit of Acid

Hey man, I just took some acid
will you still love me like you
did in the morning sun
Track Name: slam coke, slam speed
Slam coke, Slam speed

(hey waddya puttin speed in my herion for
uh, sorry but you got some speed in my coke
you put coke in my speed
eh's not bad, that's good, yeah)

you slam coke, you slam speed
slam coke, slame speed
coke and speed are all I need
shooting, slamming speed and coke
Track Name: Free at last
Free at Last

only a little to be seen
the rest is left to speculate
narrowed thoughts left undefined
the rest will never designate
measured by anothers dream
never let my soul to pass
crush the root that misjuged me
and now I am free at last
Free at Last!
Track Name: I blame God for all the good in my life
I Blame God for all the Good in my Life

Not able to get away from this cursed...
with things making me believe
Used to do what the hell I please
Now I know, and now I see
You won't let me get away from
it like when I choked
Drove my car and told you to
fucking die
Prima dona, can't you just let me
be an asshole again
but I know the good lord's
gonna take me away
It's not allright, yeah
come on, yeah
Shine soul, shine in this
existence of Ok ness
Know it's supposed to be
so way where it's right
but what's the matter when the
Way is like I want just so
gone and fun and fucked
and on and on but
can be danka shain
Can be too and it's allright
power and blood and
just and might
Don't see what your
forcing me to do
I'll go on
I blame for all the good in the life
Track Name: Levels

(a long, long time ago...)
It's getting loud
It's creeping up so slowly
It's creeping up so soon
ok, so I tried to switch the output
over to the 4 track to get rid of
the click and it was doin it ok except
that the output had come through
another RCA jack and I was
So Far Away
couldn't get the global disable off
you'll destroy my vision
jump into the plans
that's why you are
satan, satan, satan
wraped in lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies
You're Killing, killing
I tried to switch the power and
(he's an electronic goonball)
don't want the connection to
be the same (it's getting loud)
It's total guitar wank off man
eh, guitar synthesizer
the fusion lives on
aint' gotta chance
aint' gotta clue
don't know what I can
don't know what to do
aint' gotta chance
aint' gotta clue
don't know what to do
I don't understand when the input
goes through into the output
It's gotta be the ground
(it's getting loud)
It's gotta be the ground
goonball! and a novice
Track Name: Gimmie my wallet back p.2
Gimmie my wallet back p.2

Gimme my wallet back, I told you so
you're a fucking cunt, yeah!
and I'm not a little boy anymore
but you made me act like
You don't, see me like
won't you please, see me like
inside, wager
won't see watching eyes
wait now, we said
ending, waiting, lies
Track Name: the pain
The Pain

See your love so shinning
all the things
Keep giving love your things
Show me the light of hell and
I'll hug you
The pain will stop it all again
the pain, I'll love you till the end
the pain, is something you can mend
I'm not doing this again
Track Name: I am 42
I am 42

It doesn't matter what you do
It doesn't matter if your friends are cool
Teenagers die when I am 42
I long for that day, when I am 42
Track Name: I.G.T.R.Y

Why, you can't leave, I'm going to rape you
and why. You take me, I'm going to take
you too. You did the wrong the thing again
You did not give the kind of thing that I want
You did not give the kind of thing that I asked for.
Track Name: ancient chinese school
Ancient chinese School

These ancient chinese scrolls have been passed down
from 16 generations, using methods of the guitar
synthesizer, we can now detect the problems that
are comming around and can furthermore regret the
feelings we have thought through different things
and fuck it.
(lieutenent Tri-pping you are wanted in the office
please come to the office, Emperor Tri-pping to
the office please. (oh, oo Tri-pping etc...)
Track Name: Mick gets stoned
Mick gets Stoned

What's gonna hapen to mick today
He's gonna get stoned, he's so fucking gay
He's so fucking gay now, and it's Ok
Why did you wonder, cause I'm gonna tell you
This is the song where Mick get's stoned
(allright, this is the part right here, this is the
part where I get stoned, I'm gonna fire it up
right now, so here we go, why don't you tell me
if you hear anything different, after I get stoned
you know, gotta see if anything happens)
-takes hit-
(hey mom, you know it's cool, everything's cool)
he's an electronic goonball
Mother I be stoned so...
Can't you see the real me, doctor
Can't you see the real me, Mother
I'll take a drag
you know that I'll lag
you know I'm so bad
to where's it's at
I'll get there faster
and at old El Paso
Old El Paso
clipping time to tale
in Old El Paso
ridding tales again
(Super Gyro)
Going to Hippy Jam
Get stoned, Hippy Jam
Track Name: Baby go down
Go Down

Why don't you go to my house
and you saw my lover and
gave me my spouse
Singing in key, wanna be free
sing it again, and I'll do it again
I got things I want to say to me
(you know he's just another
goonball tonight)
I'll sing, the way I want to insted
don't you know that I will take it
no it's on, and it's on
Gave me my spouse
Baby go down
Track Name: golden guitar
Golden Guitar

Time for love
Got your golden moment
then I told you take me there
Don't really care about your hair
If anyone wants to know, love is fun
anywhere you want to go, it is done
Hello, my name's Mick and I'm 33
years old and... I like to jam and
kinda trip
Time for love
I'm a golden guitar
I told you I was a nerd
Tell me little darling
Won't you be my bird
Oh birdy
oh birdy bird
Squak, squak
I know I'm wrong, I know I'm a fool
Fuck being right, fuck being cool
I know I'm rad, fuck being cool
satisfied, just like a fool
you know it's rad, fuck being cool
I know I'm rad, fuck being cool
It's so satisfying you, yeah you
yeah you, it's so uncool
fuck being cool
I still want you, but no, not you
I don't care if you're cool
It's doesn't matter if you're cool
or uncool. (I missed your cue)
I've met cool people that I like and I've
met uncool peolpe that I like and
vice versa
Track Name: aint gonna happen this time
aint gonna happen this time

Walking alone now
feeling through sorrows
Sheding a tear for
the light that's there
when I'm dead
Walking on sands of sage
Hippies are moving freely
through our souls
I won't behave
Thinking that I have to
cause what I say
Don't got no more reasons why
think I'll live, don't wanna die
Feeling good so what's the use
guess I'll go and get some too
aint' gonna happen this sceane's
been hittin the skids like last time
Fuck you, no. It aint' gonna happen
this time.
Track Name: reflection

Confidence slowly continued
defience finaly denied
Lifesource resonably brightened
through combining sighs
Give to this aliegence of inner unity
to strength of solid and smoothe
circles of reflection