I don't care if you don't like me (part 5​,​000​,​002)

by Darling Freakhead

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This is something I've said to myself throughout my life to help with my insecurities and social fears. It has helped so much with my confidence but I kept forgetting and would lapse back into nervous depression. So I wrote a song so I never forget the little thing I say. "I don't care if you don't like me" Oh yeah, and it's also about the universe constantly fucking with me and never letting me get what I want.


released November 5, 2007



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Track Name: I don't care if you don't like me (part 5,000,002)
I don't care if you don't like me (part 5,000,000)

it's true about my pappy
it's true that I just don't care

"you know, if I could have a word to explain this, you know how like when I just throw my arm and hand down sort of non-chalauntly while I say bleahg! you know what I'm syain, with the arm movement and shit, you know and at the same time you throw down the arm you say bleahg!"

I'm all disregarding
everything in the entire fucking world I hate.
the world is fake
the world I HATE!

actually it's more like...
I don't care! Hee Haw!

and it's true that I'm not happy
"you know, I could go get a burrito or... go home and make some pasta
I could... get a pizza delivered, make a salad at home"

Get off this trip, you're stuck in some kind of bore hate zone.
and it's true that I DO NOT care!
why is it that you have to repeat this shit over and over.

Ah, it's cool, I'll just sit down and then I'll have to take a PISS!
then I'll go into the bathroom and someone will be in it forever!
so I'll forget about it and then want to work on something
but the something that I need to work with, is malfunctioning!

it's malfunctioning
I don't mind
it doesn't work, it's no big deal
trying to ruin my life.

So fucking what
it won't let me go further.
But I don't really care
and so it doesn't matter

'cause I don't fucking care!
Part Five Million and Two!!!!

and it will continue
so I'll hike in the rain
the person I love
causes me the most pain
so much pain (they cause me)

Fuck I'm one of them
but really I'm not
because deep down inside
"I really don't fucking care"
yes deep down inside

"...I have personal feelings that I want to express
and I'm gonna express them"

Again, when I feel like it
again, when it comes
again, and I know that it'll
come back again and again
'cause it always does and I'm

So fucking smart, that I catch it every time
yes again and again and I'll say it AGAIN that...

I just don't fucking care!
no, I. I just. I don't. I fucking. do not care!!!!!!

I HATE YOU! * skywalker quote, revenge of the sith

"and through the spirit of Charles Ives I shall rule the world
with polymetric equations and odd meter time signitures
through Ives I can because"

cause I just don't fucking care!
Part Five Million and Two!!!!!!
Track Name: I don't give a fuck
wait tomorrow, and wait today
trying to long til my heart gives way
knowing my love, has just gone away
you know it's wrong, that I've got to lay

but I've tried, yes I've tried
all way too long
and I'm sorry for what I've done
but I still want to run

I've tried so hard, and I've lost all my heart
I don't care anymore
'cause I don't give a fuck anymore
I don't give a fuck, I don't care
I don't give a

fuck. Wait tomorrow, and I'm late today
I'll try again, and then I'll say
You don't believe me when I walk on by
won't you please come my way, and I'll spit in your eye
and you know it's true that

you don't care about myself
you don't wonder and you don't know
but you trying to pretend
is all I've ever known

but what you say to my world
is that I can't give you no love
but you want my heart
and I want yours