Mick's personal emotions and feelings

by Darling Freakhead

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released October 28, 2011

Excellently Mastered at Polymorph recording by Mark Stikman!
Photo By John Lieb/Michael Mellender



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Track Name: dirty trash hands
She touched me with her dirty trash hands
they were all black with funk
dirty trash hands, fuck, she touched me with her
dirty trash hands
those things that stunk
dirty trash hands, yuck, she touched me when I

walked around and I
couldn't have known
that I was passing
through her immediate zone

fingertips as black as coal
she wiped me down, she smeared my soul.
she smeared my soul, she smeared my soul!!!

my jaw dropped all weird, I had that beard
weird beard couldn't help that it made me feel gross
sometimes I guess that's how it fucking goes.

she touched me with her dirty trash hands
made me shiver inside
dirty trash hands, ugh, she touched me with her
dirty trash hands
no chance to hide
dirty trash hands, fuck, she touched me

she no like to wash herself
she have no job, have bad health
she so spoiled she does not see
fuck her stupid mother
fuck all her familly

dirty trash hands kill her fucking mom
dirty trash hands make her family gone
dirty trash hands, dirty trash hands
fuck, she touched me

I was so clean from a sparkling shower
with her sickening filth she knew she had power
her yucky mits growing mold
she wiped it on, she smeared my soul
Track Name: Anililate homes, dialate loans
shown my, shown my baby some homes
anilate, anilate homes (slumlord cottage)
shown my, shown my baby some loans
dialate, dialate loans

I want to make you a hollagram
I want to make you whole again

These. Loans. Decide. My right to my high
Right to my hands. My hands are full.

Hands across the water, make me
sign to close the border
Track Name: Ann is free
timeline, what it means, always, only
22, 25, what do you do to be alive

I'm on the out scene, everyday, everytime
she is why I made it today

she is a good one, she is so free
I've never seen her not happy
and she is a wonderous soul, she likes to play
so that it's fun in the day

it's Ann...

she is a wonderous loving kind soul
she always wants to laugh and likes to know
but, there is no buts and you can understand me
when I say that Ann is Free, Ann is free
Ann Is Free!

wish it was me, wish it was me but it's just about Ann
wish it was me but the song is about Ann

and the days go by
all I wish I could do was cry
and Ann has a song that's not for I
as the days go on and on and I don't die
Track Name: The kind of music I like
I see you there, writing on the wall and you don't
see me lieing there, looking at you, wait until you

this is the kind of music I like
this is the kind of music I like
I should have done all the songs like this
'cause this is the kind of music I like

and you wait until.. and you're waiting...
and you're waiting far too long to meet
waiting... far too long to... far too leaning
on the wall.

I'm stuck right here, where I like to be all the time
will you meet me here, come into me, come inside
Track Name: Waiting and Singing
Here I belong... belong to... see... hold on

When did everything say see you in the end

to say when you seem to tell me and I can't understand
and lately it's waiting for me and yes, I know I can
'cause I'm waiting towards the end
yes I'm waiting to the end and I'm
singing to the waters

wait... until I cry, cry too long, and I find

when did everything decide
the things I am won't stay inside

and I won't live my life just hiding 'cause I want to pretend
that love is a trying to mention that I should understand
but I'm sitting here instead, and I'll wait until the end 'cause I"m
singing to the waters
Track Name: The Hanging of the maid
things were going, so well, so long
I miss her, 'cause she's gone

and we tried so hard to keep you together
and we got this little day 'cause we
sent out the letters

but you had to go and ruin it all
nothing's good enough
it's not enough
she'll never live up

so she killed herself for you
the hanging of the maid
the hanging of the maid
the hanging of the maid

she killed herself for you
all for you damien
all for you damien
all for you damien

how could you, you souless whore
she worked for your love and nothing more
and only if you

saw what she was doing for you
behind the smile that you knew

and she worked her fingers to the bone
you never let her go home, it's her that you own
you play with her soul like a merciless child!!!

and then you went and ruined the day
because your satanic behavior got in the way
'cause she's not good enough
nothing's good enough
it's never enough
Track Name: trees fall
trees fall for me
what you want from me I'll never give
and what you see in me I can't forgive

Traces of my heart are on your soul
lease the leakage around your neck until it's grown

I can't forget it, why you never live
time never knows, how the short dream goes

tears, into the vault. everything is going wrong
I lost my thought in you, all my love I give to you

I see no one's here, like you've never shaken
the lies made, alterations, this time nothing stays alive

eyes cemented life
we are meant to die

'tis empty, life is turning me
I want to ask it, why'd you make me
I shall bend down, can't you hear anyone
but to our falls, no one's sitting in our halls

but it's our life choosing what we want to do

trust, it burns, sense it's charge
walk around, feel my arms
turning to burning
I want you to live. Walk

time's waiting, my love is waiting
I never used to fly until
I'm waiting but you are waving
tried to save your life
just try to say goodbye

shove off! goodbye
Track Name: surf goth
La-dee duh La-dee-da
big sun, sun sign
Track Name: gamndy goo
it's all around you 'cause they've finally found you
and you're thinking alone to yourself that it's wrong
out of the lonely an in to the phony new world that you see
who they want you to meet

you wanna fix it, you can't admit it
watch you so many times 'til you are gone
I'll say it to you and I'm telling you
I aint playin with you and you will find out too

I have to get it, if you don't fit it
so what's a matter, you won't admit it
tell me what your feelings say, how to let me in
and how to let it show and that will get us some
more! Gamndy Goo!
Track Name: Georgia Franklin
I'm ill, I'm ill, I'm ill, I'm ill
I'm ill, I'm ill, I'm ill, I should take pills

When you talk about the Freedom
and the life of Georgia Franklin
we walked into the night zone
with a light to march to Satan

Georgia Franklin came over to my house
bumped me into her mother
then I told her we had to go home
why'd you come in with another

we saw art then maymay said
everything went down, go to her head
we all stood there, laughed at her
we all knew that she was sure of
Georgia Franklin

when you talk about the freedom of Georgia Franklin
in a world that's coming down! Satan!
Track Name: Snotty Punx Fuck Off
your snotty punx are taking over again
you knew that they would, they always did
snotty punx are back to fashion again
and soon they'll grow old so they'll never win

snotty punx fuck off

snotty punx are no longer from England
even though their singers sound like it
snotty punx are going to the store
they're gonna buy some clothes to
make them look like a whore

and here is the part where I become who I am
just like another stupid wannabe band
I feel so intense when I sing to you this way
and we're gonna get together and
we gotta make our way

snotty punx fuck off
fashion punx fuck off
Track Name: Death is Calling
"I miss my problem, I wish my problem was back"
I miss you so, I want you, I need you...

death is my only friend
time has called

death is calling
it's time to go!!!!!
Track Name: Soulsame
I'll keep on going, I'll never stop
and still not care about where you shop
and all of you can keep on fading
because you're afraid of what you're creating

a worthless pool of fear and greed
of what's and who's and time and speed
and fuck you little perfect world
because mine is here
right here and girl

listen to me carefully as I say that I don't care
about your clothes, makeup and hair
it's the time to come closer to the soul
forget about the status and the social goal

always will I be, always will I say
56, 93, 29,68 years to my name
my soul will never change 37, 52, 25
years to my name, my soul will stay the same
it will never change, my soul will never change
years to my name, my soul will stay the same
Track Name: Why'd you have to run away
baby, why'd you'd let me go
why'd you have to run away
baby, don't you let me go
why'd you always go away

don't you want me baby
you don't want me now