Nested Tuplets

by Darling Freakhead

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Fickles The Clown
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Fickles The Clown I love this album!

I too know it all, so I figured I should probably own the album. Favorite track: know it all.
The StiKman
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The StiKman This music transcends time and space by using time and space as building blocks and building blocks as time and space. Favorite track: Tuplet Town!.
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songs that have nested tuplets in them or a vast array of just plain old tuplets. This is a singles album, new stuff being released here, one song at a time.


released January 12, 2013



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Track Name: neighbor time
Fuck you in your ass bitch!!!
You a Damn lie!!!
Track Name: flip hard and wig bad
you flip hard, and wig bad
your brain is intense
flipping out, in your mind
you wig out bad and hard
and your mind is real mad
you flip out hard and bad
your fucking brain is intense
and it's mad when you

wig out on your dad (wigging out bad all on your dad)
intense brain is mad (flipping out hard and wigging bad)

so, you screwed up
you forgot some things
you are real far away
from where you need to be
and your mom is all strange
she flips out hard in her brain
your mom's dad is insane

your grandpa's gone insane (your mom's dad has now gone insane)
mom's dad has no brain (grandpa finally has gone insane)

you wig out hard and flip bad for no reason
other times you don't know where your keys went

I told your wife
you flipped out on your friends
you wigged hard in your mind
'cause it took too much time
to go where you want
your brain was all intense
hard bad flip on your friends

thinking about what someone said (you flip bad hard now on your friends)
you wanted the trip to end (flipping hard bad now on your friends)

you flip out bad, and wig out in your mind
the most important thing is now at the wrong time

it's real hard and it's bad
your brain is mad
you're going insane in your mind
stare all crazy out your eye
from the corner of your right eye
you look at them all intense
wig out bad, flipping hard

you've gone insane (wigging out hard from your right eye)
you are insane (you have totally gone insane)