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released June 24, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ambition wins
am completely intimidated now
yes, it's finally happened

I can see what you've got
I can see what they've made
I can see every little fucking
super badd-ass thing that there
is on this planet that I hate

well, let me see, ok, well...
excellent costumes, excellent attire
super cool gadgets
50 thousand perfect
amazing sculptures from wire

Jumping off cliffs, jet planes with faces
flying boats synchronized to
tying shoe laces

1 trillion videos
to show they are better
what can you do?
where are you going?
popular, popular
go to the popular
get to the popular

hang gliding orchestra
that's neat, what's next?
Chimpanzes hackysack
revolving rooms
drive your car with
suchshon cup tires
right up a building
that's neat, what's next?

Music at light speed
best song in the world
choirs with home made instruments
floating stages
trillions of bands
see what they can
see what they do
that's neat, what's next?

nothing's next
nothing's more
there's more of nothing
it's nothing-core
everthing's next
everything's more
there's more of everything
it's nothing-core
it's nothing-core, it's nothing-core

going the wrong way
according to the wise old tablets
I should know more
how to explain, but...

ohh the religions
they look inside
don't grasp the external
there's nowhere to hide

hide under possessions
no, no, no
that's very wrong
whatever, I understand
I'm just saying again that I
don't belong!!!

I'm not good enough
and I can really see it now
because the computer shows me
how bad I am now

how unambitious, how incomplete,
how fucking ugly, how underachieved

but guess what?
I've already known this
just like you
I already know
how better you are
I gave up a long time ago

this is nothing new
you are nothing new to me
I've known you are better
there's nothing new
it's reached it's prime
it's ripe for the picking
we're all going to die

nah, it's cool man
I aint going there
go to town, like I knew you would
and I'll just kick back
like I always do

I knew they were better
a long time ago
and you flaunt it now
in my face
same old thing
same old show
yeah, I know
yeah, I know
Track Name: Hi, hello!
I've been proved wrong
I know it's so
I've seen it happen
on the telephone

'cause once in a while they say hello
and wonder if I want to go

to some thing, or event, or share
a piece of love that they give and
it's nice and it makes me want to
cry sometimes

I don't dwell, hope you know
I just have to let it show, and I
hope that there's more of my
co-dependent death occurring
so slowly it goes with every call
it will go and my
mind wants to kill me!
my mind is trying to kill me.
I must stab myself in the mind!

Why is it that it's me?
why does it always have to come from me?

when I don't care, love comes to town
when I care, it's never around

when I don't care, love comes to town
when I care, it's never around

when I don't care, love comes to town
when I care, it's never around

fucking Die!

spirit fucker's trying to toy with me
trying to kill
but I will STAB THE MIND!!!

stupid fucking heart's so fucking lame
hate myself tomorrow, hate yesterday
when I don't need help then all will say "hey"
when I want to die, they all run away

why?!!! when I really need help, they all run away.
Track Name: I want to talk (about my personal feelings)
Everyone calls when I don't care
when I need them most, no one's there

When I want to talk about what I feel then...
something goes wrong and the phone cuts off
or the subject changes, or they have to do
something real quick or...
Some outside forces come into play
like a dish breaking, or someone else
walks in through a door

They say they'll call back, they never do!
unless I got something that's fun.
No one wants to hear somebody's
negative scene...
except me. I want to hear it please.
I like all the drama, if you're violent
then leave
and angry's kind of fucked
but talk about feelings

I want to talk about my personal feelings
let's talk about feelings

and you captivate me
as long as you're fair and respect where the air
is shared, and you care, but still dare, to tear
And rhyming is so boring, I'm ignoring
'cause it's a shield for stupidity
amongst idiots. Love you babe!

when I need them most, they're not there
everyone calls, when I don't care

but anyways, it's never gonna change
I can not rearrange the way that people blame
and pick who are insane!!!!!!!

so fuck it all
I'll just love
and give
and stay away
from the people I hate, and listen some more
to the people who got something to say
but respect in the way by knowing
that I like to talk too.
Track Name: Fear is the mind killer
It sucks that you'll never see what you do
but I always will
It sucks that you'll always blame somebody else
and I'll blame myself

I'll take your blame, it's not worth it to me
don't need this shit and I'll
always know that in the end you'll
be fucked 'cause you'll always be
a blaming bitch asshole stress case

That has to live with yourself
all of the time, as I go home!!!!
away from you!!

but what do I do when I think
you'll fuck up my car, or trip
on some other kind of personal possession
...very simply turns into my obsession
and time!!!!!

"I begin to get paranoid so badly that it starts to
ruin my immediate surroundings and begins to
crush all electronics with zapping current force
from my stress aura"

I'm afraid for my possessions, I don't want you to
hurt them.
Please stay away from my car, did I look at you wrong
what does it mean? Please stay away from my things,
so I'll try and not care when I feel that you stare 'cause I'm
scared that you'll fuck with my car!!!

so I'll be nice, but still stay afar, but you know that I should
(so I'll be nice, but still stay afar, but you know that I should)

let it go
energy go
into real love

but I want real love
for you and my bro's and for
all the one's that nobody knows
''cause it works for me
but it's real to you

And for you, I give it all
away to you, real love for all
stay away from my car!!!! no, really

no, really let go, give all to the grow
the flow, man, the know, I mean the now
man, I'm serious though, I have to go
and give this too, so go ahead
I'll let you through, let go of my fear

and that way I can stop trippin
and stop watching all my electronics
malfunction 'cause of my negativity
and just hang out and not lie
because I truly love
and if you fuck with my car
well then I'll deal with it then
then, then, then, then, then etc...

I will not fear, fear is the mind killer
I will not fear, fear is the mind killer
I will not fear, fear is the mind killer
Track Name: Death to the phone
Sure, You'll call me back
I've heard that one before
you fucking assholes stain my soul
my trust ran out your fucking door
my trust ran out your fucking door

and you lie 'cause you can't say no
you're a coward 'cause you can't say no

What's the matter, you self-absorbed prick
but it's not just you, it's everyone I've met

Nobody ever calls me, nobody ever calls me
nobody ever calls me, DEATH TO THE PHONE!!!

nobody ever calls me
so it must be my fault
I don't have any money for you
or I'm not a booty call

And this is the way it is, I know
I should have some place for us to go

There must be some stupid fucking reason
for me to call
Other than to sit and talk, and stare at the wall

Nobody ever calls me, nobody ever calls me
nobody ever calls me, DEATH TO THE PHONE!!!

and I've already gotten over this
just be like you instead
yes, I understand, this is how life is
just join the walking dead

So now I say goodbye
to the thing that hurts me so
there's nothing I can do when I
feel alone. Nowhere to go,
trapped inside my home. Because...

Nobody ever calls me, nobody ever calls me
nobody ever calls me, DEATH TO THE PHONE!!!

"oh yeah, you're gonna call me back,
uh huh, sure, yeah, I'll just wait for you
to call me back"